Our product is designed,   manufactured, and distributed within Canada. Venturist Commuter Wear is owned and operated by Canadian designer Raj Gill. Raj is a Toronto based designer originally from Vancouver British Columbia. 

Venturist Commuter Wear is a fashion brand that provides the right fit, form, function, and fashion for the everyday cycling commuter. Our brand caters to the needs of urban cyclist who prefers product to fulfill lifestyle needs. The product consist of modern trends combined with commuter detailing for a more comfortable ride. Our company has incorporated reflective detailing into each piece we design for the benefit of the wearer. 

VCW Presents Spring/Summer 2020: INVOKE * SS2020

New collection inspired for our five year anniversary! This collection is inspired from taking aspects of previous collections to create the ultimate five year anniversary collection! The collection consists of styles for men and women focusing on classic commuter detailing.  

This season we have focused on detailed design elements that have been the foundation of our collection. We invite you to follow our social media for inspirational posts relating to our previous classic commuter collections set in modern time!

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